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Since I’ll be moving into a unit/apartment soon I thought it was probably a good idea to converse as much space as possible. To this end, I thought I might start buying movies digitally from here on out, unless it’s something like the Marvel films that I really want a physical copy of. 

To see what the price difference between physical movies and digital is, I decided to use the last movie I bought, the Lego Movie on DVD from Big W where it cost me $15, as a guide. 

The first place I checked out way the Apple Store. You can buy the Lego Movie there for…$25? 0_o

Ok, let’s try Google Play. $20. 0_0

So…both digital version of Lego Movie are actually MORE expensive than buying a physical copy. 

How the hell can a digital version of a film - which require no packaging, no delivery from manufacturer to store, no sales people to put it through the register, no shelf space, no packing/ unpacking at the store warehouse and a dozen other things - cost MORE than the copy which does require all that stuff?

And they wonder why Australians’ don’t use legal downloading services.Stupid!

Michael B. Jordan: 'Fantastic Four' Reboot is 'Not Your Typical Superhero Film' - Spinoff Online - TV, Film, and Entertainment News Daily

If they’re gonna do this why even bother having the FF licence? I mean, seriously, what’s the point if it’s going to be THIS removed from the source material.

And MAN and I sick of seeing stories about “person with special abilities wants to be normal and tries to hide them but then realizes they need to use said abilities for the greater good.” YAAAAAAAWWWWNNN!

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