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Although I do love all the big, fancy items this is what I really love about #collecting; finding weird and wonderful stuff like this #SonicTheHedgehog Shampoo Bath Game :D

New comics shipment. Soooo! #comicbooks #Marvel #dc #SonicTheHedgehog

Bring on #2015! #dc #comicbooks #wonderwoman #supergirl #pinup #calendars

Hello Tumblr,

I recently started a new blog superficially dedicated to the discussion and posting of my various collections. I’ve just made my second post which features the above video looking at retro gaming via use of Google’s Chromecast. 

Please check out the video and blog. If you like what you see follow along. If you’re a fellow collector with your own blog let me know and I’ll follow you back.



I love retro games, in particular those from Sega. In 2005 I started seriously collecting Mega Drive games, and slightly-less-seriously Master System and Dreamcast titles. I was never after a complete collection of games released for those systems, just those that I loved from childhood and new titles I’d never played.

However, I soon discovered that collecting retro games - never mind the actual systems - so I began to look for other ways to enjoy retro games without it costing me a fortune. I tried various things, such as clone systems and the Retrode, but for various reasons I just wasn’t happy with them.

I of course new that Android devices could emulate retro systems, but I really don’t like touch controls. Even with connecting a controller to a tablet the screen is too small.

However, once it was announced that the Google Chromecast could screencast from a device to a TV I though “ah, this could be the answer!” 

In the above video I demonstrate using the Chromecast to screencast emulated Mega Drive games off my Nexus 7. I must say I’m very happy with the results, but take a look and judge for yourself. I think that this will be how I play retro games from now on.

Just found this on Lifehacker. Best. Picture. EVER!

Setting up #Chromecast

Adjacent sting my Black/White deck. #MTG



Bettie Page c. 1950s

The amazing Bettie Page!

Source: vintagegal

Seriously thinking my next pair of proper glasses need to be #Atrus -like! #Myst

#MightyMax Doom Dragon watch. #collections #collectables #toys